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Til Death: 0

Daily Goal: Not Met

I wasted my morning’s free time playing with creating a header and picking a them for Murder & Magnolias and transferring links (so anybody who happens by there might have SOMETHING to look at).  Then I spent some time working on my class, for which I got my syllabus revised and uploaded, and posted and set time-release information for all 12 discussion boards.  Tonight I’ve been working on plotting.  I’ve figured out where I have room for new scenes in the timeline, where in the sequence of existing scenes.  I have a couple of them planned out already, but I’m having some difficulty figuring out exactly what will fit the bill for covering the two threads I’m trying to reintegrate into the plot.  I’ll make some more effort tomorrow to figure that out, and will maybe tackle the rewrite of the opening scene to Chapter One.

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