Daily Progress Report

Til Death: None written, but I did get each of my major plot threads pasted into a sort of abridged draft, one for each thread.  I cut and paste all the relevant portions of the draft into a new file.  It’s something I did with the relationship thread a while back, and it really helped me to figure out the gaps.  So I’ve got that done for my mystery thread, the ghosty thread, and the family history thread.  And I have a notion how I can pull the ghosty stuff and the family history stuff (both of which I seriously dropped the ball on), and I’ll further explore that tomorow.

I met my weekly goal two or three days ago, so I’m not worried.  I’ve gotten a lot done this weekend.

Regarding my class, I busted my chops today.  I finished editing ALL of the quizzes, set adaptive release dates for all of them and for all related materials and assignments.  It’s coming together.

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