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Okay, you all know how much I adore generators.  They’re one of my favorite ways to waste time.  I got an email from a reader the other day introducing me to Generator Land.  Oh goody!  They’ve got a Character Name Generator that produced the following on first click  “Sarah Twitch, impartial scribe from Topeka.”  Sarah Twitch.  Sounds like a cozy heroine to me!  There’s a Horoscope Generator.  This was mine:  Being unique just means you don’t fit in. • Get out of the way. • Your next Career: Taxidermist • Just go sleep on the couch tonight. You don’t want to know why.

Oh and then there was the British Town Name Generator that gave me: Grimcotttippy on Bland, Dorset.

Law Firm Generator: Bendix, Smood & Boondoggle

Subdivision Name Generator: Wandering Shrub Meadows (sounds like members of the wizarding community to me)

Clearly I must be stopped…

One thought on “More Generators

  1. I loved your horoscope- just sleep on the couch, you don’t want to know why- too funny (checking what the cat is up to).
    Here’s what I got:
    You can accomplish anything, as long as it’s painfully easy. • The hardest part is ahead. Stay home and rest. • They know about the hamsters. • Don’t worry, it doesn’t make you gay.
    Hamsters? *shrug*
    Gumurn, Goddess of Grammar and Intolerance

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