Fess Up Friday

My MIL and I went to Tupelo to see CATS last night.  I saw it about 12 years ago at the Orpheum in Memphis (which is much more conducive to a Broadway production than the coluseum in terms of acoustics).  The weather was really awful, lots of torrential rain and wind.  As I was driving from the restaurant to the coluseum, I had to slam on brakes to avoid being hit when a light pole snapped clean in half virtually on top of us.  Yay for anti-lock brakes and tires that don’t hydroplane.  Apparently there was some twist to the wind because actually FOUR light poles broke in about the same place–in entirely different directions.  Very scary.  Be great in a book someday. 

Anyway, the show was well done, and I now feel a compulsion to write a spoof called DOGS.  My half malamute, half Great Pyrenees likes to sing and says that she would be happy to star.  She already has a song about meatballs she sings every time we have spaghetti.

The writing has been going pretty well this week.  I haven’t had enormous volume (as there’s been lots going on), but I’ve been pretty pleased with what I’ve written.  Large tracts of non-suckage, so I seem to finally be getting my voice back.  Thank God.  In the stretches of quiet time, I’ve managed to churn my words out pretty easily.  It’s finding the quiet time that’s the hard part.  But my brain seems to be snared in the story again after a long stint of meh.  In fact, I was all focused on Pack thoughts during the second act.  DH has band practice tonight, so I’ve got some of that nice quiet time to wind up my words for the week.  The weekend, sadly, has to be devoted to class stuff, lecture writing, and test composition.

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