The List Is Shrinking!

That scary long list that I made last week to try to help myself really focus on what all I needed to accomplish?  It is SRHINKING!  I’ve been crossing stuff off in a big way.  I still have 3 gifts to finish making, some baking, a bit of cleaning to do, and of course my class prep stuff.  But I’ve knocked out a LOT, which is helping me regain my sanity.   And best of all, yesterday we finally got my hubby’s office cleaned (you know, that thing I’ve been asking/begging/nagging him to do for six months?).  Got several things hung on the wall and out of the floor, other things that were broken tossed, a new piece of plywood flooring in the attic, which expanded our storage capabilities enough to put the rest of his homeless junk up there.  All yesterday evening we both kept walking in and flipping on the light, checking to make sure the Dump It Gremlins hadn’t visited again to clutter up the room again.  So far it’s been safe from their invasion.  Now that it’s clean, hubby is itching for his very very late (July) birthday present of getting the new piano tuned (since the piano guy can now actually GET to the piano).  Guess I’ll call about that on Monday.

Today I need to bake 2 loaves of banana bread and a fresh boule of artisan bread, as we’re headed up to my dad and step mom’s for supper tonight, and they will be seeing some family that I won’t, so I’m turning them into my own personal elves.

Friday was the last day at the Evil Day Job until January 4th, so I get 2 whole weeks without my boss’s crazy (though I will be going by her house during the holidays to feed her cat).  The writing has been a little sketchy, on and off.  I’ve more than used up my days of reprieve for the Novel Push Initiative, but I’m simply not going to beat myself up about it.  I’m sitting down, writing when I can, and juggling all this OTHER stuff.  That’s good enough for me.  I’d rather enjoy the holiday than stress.  I’m hoping to make up for some of the missed days between waiting on paint to dry and assorted goods to bake while hubby is at work next week.  I’ll worry about hitting things hard on the writing front in January, same as the New Year’s Resolution first wave of diet (I usually do really well with resolutions for January).  At that point, my class will be DONE in terms of prep, so other than daily maintenance, correspondence, and grading, I won’t have all the extra stuff on my plate.  Thank you, Lord Jesus, I can’t wait to be DONE with the prep for this class.

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