Winding Down and Looking Forward

It occurs to me that I haven’t been blogging this week.  I’ve been very busy hand painting things, baking, wrapping, and going through other holiday prep.  And I’ve been writing.  Not huge amounts with the exception of an awesome Sunday morning with a whopping 1241 words, but I’m moving foward.  I’ve been dutifully reporting my progress at the Novel Push Initiative only to find out that I was kicked out of the challenge on the 10th.  Apparently that’s what a “knockout” means.  That wasn’t how I ran my NPI, but Nick’s the creator, so he can do what he wishes.  Maybe I’ll make up my own challenge for January because I’m just not into punishing people, and I guess I didn’t see it as a competition.

I got a promised critique off my plate (late).  I have one more chapter to crit today and get off.  Still things to do for class, but I’m working my way through that too.  Things are slowly winding down for the year.  As always, I want to try to be more organized in 2010.  PBW linked to this great little calendar and organizer program called Chaos Manager.

And of course, there’s the ever present weight loss and fitness goal.  I’ve really gotten into the Wii for that.  I got Wii Fit for my birthday last year and didn’t use it much.  I liked the yoga and strength training, but I hated all the time I had to spend navigating through stuff, and there really isn’t enough room in my living room to do it properly.  Then I picked up Wii Fit Plus in November, which I’m in love with.  It has more fun games IMO (I adore boxing), more exercises, allows you to create a routine, calculates calories,etc.  I’ve been using it regularly, and I credit it for allowing me to go on the defensive about the Holiday Creep.  After Christmas, I think I’m going to pick up EA Sports Active: More Exercises.  From all the reviews I’ve read, the second one has better exercises and system.  AND it has a boxing game!  I’ll still have to pick up the accessory pack, but I’ve got a little cash from relatives, and I think it’ll be money well spent.

I’m off to knock out my workout, then to make some brownies for more gifts.

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