Cowboy in a Kilt Audio

Cowboy in a Kilt
Kilted Hearts - AUDIOBOOK 1

 A cowboy without a home

Screwed out of the family ranch that was his rightful inheritance, Raleigh Beaumont is a man with no roots and no purpose. When a friend drags him to the bright lights of Vegas, he figures he’s got nothing to lose. But after a hell of a lot of whiskey and a high stakes poker game with a beautiful stranger, Fate hands him a second chance: An estate in the Highlands of Scotland. It’s far from everything he’s ever known, but he’s willing to trade his Wranglers for a kilt.

An heiress with a crumbling heritage

When her brother’s bride goes AWOL just days before the wedding that’s meant to save their ancestral home from the mad marriage pact that’s held their family captive for generations, Kyla McKean believes they’ve been granted a reprieve. Until she finds out about the new, single—male—owner of Lochmara and knows she’s next in the hot seat or ownership of both their estates revert to the crown.

A modern answer to a three-hundred-year-old problem.

Kyla’s desperate to save Ardinmuir. She proposes a marriage of convenience. One year as husband and wife to satisfy the pact, then they get a quick and quiet divorce. Raleigh’s already lost one legacy. He’ll do anything to keep from losing another, even tie the knot with a stubborn stranger who feels far more like ally than adversary.