Novel Push Initiative

Anybody who’s hung around here for any length of time knows that I’m a big fan of accountability groups and anything that involves me having to report my daily word count somewhere.  70 Days of Sweat, Holly Lisle’s Write A Book With Me, Nanowrimo (though not so much since I got out of grad school), […]

After RWA

Well RWA is over.  Everybody who went is heading home.  Thus begins what I tend to refer to as the drought of decent blog reading. Why is that?  Well, there are only so many accountings of all the fun that was had, people that were met, and rehashes of assorted panels that were given.  It’s […]

Write A Book With Me

In her latest newsletter, Holly Lisle talks about doing something that makes me sigh with relief.  A woman who tends to normally write 1500-3000k a day, her current project (or perhaps one of them) she is taking things slow. I’m doing a consistent 250-500 words five nights a week.  If you’ve been with me for […]

Novel At A Sprint

I am a big fan of these various write a novel at a sprint sort of challenges.  NaNoWriMo (which I’ve done a few times and usually fail miserably at), 70 Days of Sweat (done 3 times) , Fast Draft (never done).  I have no idea why.  I so often participate and then don’t do well […]

Five Reasons I…

Yeah, I know, I’ve been a total post slacker lately.  For those loyal few who keep coming back here, thanks for sticking with me!  We’ve been trying to get a federal grant application out the door at the day job, finals started for the 3 classes I’m teaching, I’m in the midst of designing a […]

Werewolves The New Vampires?

Okay one more quick note before getting back to the grant writing like I’m supposed to.  I just read over at my pal Jen Hendren’s blog that Kristin Nelson and Little, Brown Children’s Editors (the folks who published Twilight), hypothesize that werewolves may be the new vampires (and we all know how long that trend […]

NaNo Neurosis

I’ve been buried in grant writing this week for the day job, which has not played nice with my ability to sit down and write fun stuff (other than yesterday’s 2700+ words of tangent notebook additions).  I’ve also been way behind on my blog reading.  I happened to pop over to my friend Joely Sue […]

On Your Mark! Get Set! Sweat!

Today kicks off the 4th round of the 70 Days of Sweat.  For those of you not familiar, this is a more…temperate and reasonable challenge than NaNoWriMo.  The goal is to write 60-100k in 70 days (in this case, 77, as we have 7 “free” days built into the calendar this round, which is a […]

Fess Up Friday

Pardon my absence this week.  This sinus crud has knocked me on my fanny.  I’ve been very muzzy headed, haven’t been writing, and have had to deal with some personal issues that took precedence over my blog maintenance.  Believe me, my Nyquil induced haze wouldn’t have interested you. On the writing front, I’ve had an […]

Fess Up Friday

Well I set myself the goal of 5k this week.  As of last night, I’m on the nose at 3k with today, tomorrow, and Sunday left to go.  I don’t have much hope of getting a whole lot done today, as it’s Halloween, my boss is back from Chicago, and I have actual paying work […]