Fess Up Friday

Pardon my absence this week.  This sinus crud has knocked me on my fanny.  I’ve been very muzzy headed, haven’t been writing, and have had to deal with some personal issues that took precedence over my blog maintenance.  Believe me, my Nyquil induced haze wouldn’t have interested you.

On the writing front, I’ve had an inclination to go back and look at House of Cards (which I renamed Ashes & Wine, which I don’t like, so I still need a title).  When I hit a roadblock in April on my premise, I put it down and decided to focus, instead, on Til Death. But my brain has been working in the background.  I’ve fixed my premise and learned a lot about the backstories of my characters.  I’ve figured out quite a lot aobut how this book is going to work.  I had the sense over the summer that I just wasn’t ready to write this book as it was meant to be written.  I’m not sure I’m there yet.  But I do sort of have an itch to go back and reread the 50-60k rewrite I started last December.  I’m not ready to start writing it.  I want to finish Til Death first.  But it’s been on my mind.

My first week on NaNo has been a big fat bust.  But 70 Days of Sweat starts next week, and I hope to be back to my normal mental capacity by then.  I’ll keep you posted.

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