Werewolves The New Vampires?

Okay one more quick note before getting back to the grant writing like I’m supposed to.  I just read over at my pal Jen Hendren’s blog that Kristin Nelson and Little, Brown Children’s Editors (the folks who published Twilight), hypothesize that werewolves may be the new vampires (and we all know how long that trend has been going on).  Of course they’re talking about on the children’s/YA scene (which is great for Jen, as she’s got a fabulous YA with werewolves that I can’t wait to see her shop), but still, it makes me think that my gift from Mr. Sandman yesterday was well-timed.

I’m not going to drop Til Death because one of the pledges I made when I began writing seriously again a couple of years ago was that I would finish a project before moving on to the next.  But what I think I may do is set aside one day a week to work on plotting out this book idea.  I’d like to do the snowflake method (which worked out quite well for me for TD) again.  I sort of have the notion that if I keep working at this one day a week, that by the end of the 70 Days of Sweat or the end of TD (if they aren’t synonymous), I’ll have a finished first draft of TD, and a finished outline of this new project and can hit the ground running on the next book while TD gets reviewed by betas and generally sits a bit before I tackle whatever revisions are necessary.  Just because I like the alliteration, I think I shall declare my day to plot Tangent Tuesday.  I’ve got 10 of them before the end of the Sweat.

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