Concentric Circles

I’ve been a terribly unproductive girl today.  Well not on everything.  I had a class this morning that was an Introduction to Adobe Flash.  That was interesting.  Beyond that, my sum total accomplishment for the day is to get my cooking blog moved from (where I got sick of all the ads and the […]

2009 Goals

Well it’s here.  2009.  2008 went out with barely a whimper rather than a bang.  Which is fine, really,  as it wasn’t a wonderful year to begin with.  I lost my grandfather and my dog within 4 months, and that sort of screwed the tone for the rest of the year.  But 2009 should be […]

In Search of the Perfect Plotting Tool

I am on blog holiday while I meet a deadline for Evil Day Job.  Please enjoy this rerun of one of my past posts. Okay, so I’ve been giving all sorts of things a trial run in terms of trying to outline Til Death Do Us Part (which needs a new title, so if you […]

Word Choice

I am on blog holiday while meeting a deadling for Evil Day Job.  Please enjoy this rerun of one of my past posts. Any word you have to hunt for in a thesaurus is the wrong word. There are no exceptions to this rule. – Stephen King I have a daily quote widget thing on […]

Post-Christmas Prep for 2009

At long last we are, I think, free of family obligations.  Everyone has left town, save one uncle who isn’t our responsibility.  After a disaster with all my baked gifts getting infested with ants, unreasonable and unseasonable mid 70s temperatures, an emergency trip to the vet for my FIL and his dog for stitches (he’s […]

Bloggy Procrastination

As if I needed more blogs to take up time during my day… Seriously.  I’ve got my cooking blog Pots & Plots, which I try to update a couple of times a week; my frugality blog Frugal Intuition, which is a daily (except for weekends), this one, a weight loss blog I don’t keep up […]

Status Report

I wish I could say my lack of interesting posts has been because I’m being uber productive with my writing.  Well, I’ve been doing a lot of work fleshing out my werewolf story (which I’m very very excited about), still puttering along with Til Death (which isn’t sucking, but I’m not on fire with it […]

Let The NaNo Insanity Begin!

Today is November 1st, official start date for National Novel Writing Month.  If anybody wants to add me to their writing buddies, my NaNo Profile is here (though in typical NaNo fashion, the site seems to be down or monster slow on the first day–try back later). My internal editor hasn’t yet left for her […]

Cool Idea For Blogs Lacking An Audience

So over on Remarkable Communication I read about Chuck Westbrook, who got the bright idea of “gathering a group of bloggers to add a new blog to their reader every two weeks. No commitment to link, comment, promote, or anything else unless you feel moved to do so. We’re just checking in on a promising […]

Fess Up Friday

Well it’s Friday at last (thank God).  It’s been a fairly unproductive week on Til Death again.  I launched this new blog ten days ago, and in that span of time I’ve written maybe 1700 words?  I’ve been way too mired in playing with plugins, checking site stats, and generally procrastinating with blogdom.  The progress […]