Let The NaNo Insanity Begin!

Today is November 1st, official start date for National Novel Writing Month.  If anybody wants to add me to their writing buddies, my NaNo Profile is here (though in typical NaNo fashion, the site seems to be down or monster slow on the first day–try back later).

My internal editor hasn’t yet left for her forced vacation yet, and the writer is feeling somewhat under the weather.  I’m fighting a sinus infection and trying NOT to let this persistent cough turn into my annual case of bronchitis.  I’m making a batch of my homemade chicken noodle soup as I type, which should make me feel better.  I wish it was my mom’s chicken ‘n dumplins.  Which I could make, but that’s more work and they’re never as good as hers, so I’ll stick to what I know I’m good at.  I’ve got a giant bottle of vitamin C, and when I’m feeling moderately more human, I might make a foray out to get some ecchinecea.  Mostly I just want to sleep.  This is hardly the best circumstance under which to begin a challenge like NaNo.  Although, who knows, the drugs might keep Naomi (yeah, my internal editor as a name) lulled into a stupor.

My NaNo project is Til Death, which I have already begun (as you can see in the progress section over there in the sidebar).  I know technically that’s against the rules, but I’m keeping a separate tally of my words written for NaNo.  I’ve got more than 50k left to write, so it seems like a fair deal to me.

I’ve got 1761 words left until I meet my goal for this week for Mission:Accountability, and if nothing else I want to make that because I really don’t want to be subjected to whatever lunacy Jen has dreamed up as a consequence.  So sick or not, I’m going to make that goal.

In other news, I’m thinking about changing my blog template.  I used the WordPress Theme Generator to make this one, and I do like it, but I’m not sure it’s the best it can be (scratch that, I know it isn’t).  So for those of  you who care to offer an opinion, what do you dislike about the current look?  Anything about the layout, the colors, etc.  The only thing I’m set on is the header.  That, I like.  So help me out.  Inquiring minds want to know.

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