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Bloggy Procrastination

As if I needed more blogs to take up time during my day…

Seriously.  I’ve got my cooking blog Pots & Plots, which I try to update a couple of times a week; my frugality blog Frugal Intuition, which is a daily (except for weekends), this one, a weight loss blog I don’t keep up with that no one wants to read (myself included) and now, NOW I decide to resurrect my livejournal.  It’s where I had my writing blog originally prior to my move to and then here.  I still have it because I have a lot of friends on LJ and their Friends Page makes it much easier to keep up with them.  Plus there’s that whole being able to comment thing.

What am I going to blog about there?  Just stuff.  All the interesting (and sometimes not) stuff that pops into my head that I don’t have anywhere else to say.  It’s going to be my just stuff blog.  I’ve had those before–that’s what blogging started out as for me back in college.  I’ve had several at various hosting sites (xanga, blogger, wordpress, etc.) over the years, and I stopped because most of the interesting stuff I had to say was all said on my writing blog.  For a while there I felt like having a tagline: Writing Is Life!  But while it’s central to mine, it’s not everything, and sometimes I just need a place to vent or gripe or tell funny stories.  Basically an actual journal.  If other people wind up reading it, fine.  If not, fine.  But I like having somewhere to record my thoughts.

It would be an interesting study to figure out how many thousands of words a week I write in blogging alone…

In other news, I didn’t write a thing yesterday.  I did, however, make some major revisions to my outline for Til Death, and when I woke up this morning, I answered the question as to what happens in the beginning of the scene I wrote yesterday that will actually advance the plot.  Yay for that.  So I’ve been dipping into that this morning between bloggy procrastination.  I should get back to it…

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