Fess Up Friday

Well it’s Friday at last (thank God).  It’s been a fairly unproductive week on Til Death again.  I launched this new blog ten days ago, and in that span of time I’ve written maybe 1700 words?  I’ve been way too mired in playing with plugins, checking site stats, and generally procrastinating with blogdom.  The progress meter is slowly creeping up (which is better than stalling out completely), but not at an acceptable rate.  I got 616 last night.  I’d planned on more, but some friends stopped by and wound up sucking up my alone time.  Ah well.  Yesterday I did figure out a few more plot points to throw in for later in the story, so that’s something as well.

I was griping to Pot the other day about how plotting has sucked all the fun out of writing this book–that there aren’t any surprises left.  She was kind enough to give me one of those tough love talking-to’s, pointing out that while I know the general gist of what needs to happen, I don’t know exactly how dialogue is going to unfold, or exactly how things will go in each of these scenes.  Those are still surprises.  She thinks I spend too much time romanticizing pantsing and vilifying plotting.  :hangs head:  Yes, mom, I need an attitude adjustment.  So I’m going to work on that.

In any event, going over my outline the other day, I was starting to get excited again.  I just have to get over this little beginning hump.  After this particular chapter I’m working on, the last of the set up is in place and we really get rolling on the plot.  So that’s the plan for the weekend is to get this chapter finished and hopefully move on to the next.

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