Creamy Salsa Dip

Hubs turned to me this weekend, “Honey, I want some dip.”  We’d just had a cookout at his parents the night before, so I didn’t have room for more cheating, which knocked out the typical options of rotel dip or cream cheese sausage dip.  We needed something a little bit healthier that didn’t actually require […]

Lay’s Dip Creations: Review

So my latest Tastemaker opportunity from Foodbuzz was for Lay’s Dip Creations.  I’ve had these for quite a while, but like everything else, when we listed the house for sale, stuff got put out of sight and I can no longer find squat.  So it took me a while to actually use them.  There are […]

Beef and Mushroom Cream Cheese Dip

Desperation is the mother of invention.   Hubby really, really wanted some kind of dip to watch with the game, we had no Velveeta, and I was so not going to the grocery.   So, making do with what we have, I put together this man-friendly dip out of cream cheese, beef, mushrooms, and rotel.  The […]

Hot Black Bean Dip

We went to a party this weekend and as I didn’t have what was required for my usual 7 layer dip, I had to come up with something else.  What I arrived at was an adaptation of this recipe from Tasty Kitchen.  The end results were delicious, lighter than my usual dip, and disappeared just […]

Cream Cheese Mexi-Dip

I’ve gotten into veggie trays and veggie dips lately.  It’s become my go to thing to take to get togethers so that I am assured there is at least ONE healthy thing there.  After the last one, the celery and carrots were decimated, but I was left with a big pile of bell pepper strips.  […]


One of my contributions to last week’s Super Bowl party was a giant batch of hummus and pita chips.  It was my goal to offer a healthier alternative to the other dishes available.  I knew I’d eat the junky stuff, but maybe less of it.  Hummus is one of those things I love, but I’d […]

Garlic and Herb Cheese Spread

I studied abroad in Paris when I was in college, which was a phenomenal experience on so many levels.  The food was amazing. One of the daily eats I got hooked on while I lived there was Boursin garlic and herb cheese spread, which I was ecstatic to find out we have in the States.  […]

Cream Cheese Sausage Dip

I’m sure there’s a more eloquent name for this dip somewhere, but I don’t know what it is.  This was a recipe my hubby picked up from a coworker, I think.  Either way it’s a nice change from the traditional rotel dip and keeps well in a small crock pot if you have one. It […]

Sausage Dip

In the category of things that make you go mmmmmmmmmmmm, I present to you, my mother-in-law’s sausage dip–lightened up, of course.  This pairs great with homemade tortilla chips or, as my husband prefers, Fritos Scoops.  With sausage and cheese, what’s not to love?  Your favorite carnivore will thank you Ingredients: 1 lb turkey sausage (original […]

7 Layer Dip

One of our good friends has his 30th birthday coming up (well actually, it was yesterday, but the party is tomorrow), and his wife has requested my 7 layer dip. I took this to the New Year’s party, where it disappeared in about fifteen minutes. I can’t claim it as my original recipe. My boss’s […]