Guest Post: Dark Places: Another Hit for Flynn or a Flop?

Elizabeth Eckhart is rescuing me from my own bad blogging habits lately (blame the book, y’all…it’s always about the book–the one I’m finishing, the one I’m trying to write, or the one that’s beating me over the head to write it RIGHT NOW, even though I’m on deadline for something else).  Give her a warm […]

Woman In Jeopardy, I Can’t Quit You

I am dodging my blog and my housework presently in an effort to FINISH REVISIONS.  So I bring to you a guest post from my dear CP, Susan Bischoff, in response to a long conversation we had this weekend. ~*~ I’m not a fan of the term “guilty pleasure,” because I don’t think we should […]

Just A Quickie

So…the nine hour drive each way to Savannah totally didn’t do my neck problem any good.  I’m currently laid up and can only stand being on the computer for minutes at a time, so I’m directing y’all to a recent interview I did with Marcy Kennedy and a guest post I did over at Book […]

Food Network[ing]: A Guest Post By Kandie Delley

I’d like to welcome Kandie Delley to the blog today.  Kandie and I met on Twitter and bonded over gluten free recipes.  Living proof of food networking in action! 😀 ~*~ Okay, okay. I tried (unsuccessfully) to intertwine the Food Network (one of my fave cooking networks) and networking together because really, they both CAN […]

Finding the Line: Guest Post By Vicki Keire

I’d like y’all to give a warm welcome to one of my favorite indie authors, Vicki Keire, author of the Angel’s Edge trilogy (third book forthcoming on Halloween, for which I am eagerly salivating).  Welcome Vicki! ~*~  Finding the Line: New Adult’s Impact on Writers One of the things I struggle with most as a […]