Guest Post By Zoe E. Whitten

As a writer, I have this theory that most paranormal mixed couples in fiction are a metaphor for mixed marriages, and as such carry a subtle message of tolerance throughout their many plots. This is a good thing. But I feel like perhaps too many writers rely on a monster and human female mix. I […]

Guest Post By My Agent, The Magnificent Laurie McLean

This past week I was teaching an online class to RWA’s Fantasy, Futuristic and Paranormal chapter about the role of the literary agent in today’s digital publishing paradigm. And one of the areas I know a lot about (after 20-plus years as the founder and CEO of a public relations agency in the Silicon Valley […]

Guest Post By Nadia Lee

Walking Away Can Be Hard Yesterday I talked about the necessity of reading contracts carefully on Zoe Winter’s blog.  Today I want to talk about how difficult it can be (emotionally) to walk away from a deal. To summarize briefly — last year, I was offered a contract on my contemporary romance novel Carnal Secrets. […]

Guest Post By Alex Laybourne

Print on Demand Publishing I have always wanted to be a writer.  Growing up that always meant writing a novel, finding an agent, and landing a publisher. I tried this approach and was rejected more times that I would actually like to remember. Yet these rejections did not force me to go Indie.  Far from […]

Make The Time: Guest Post by Pia Veleno

I’d like to continue my guest blog theme today. Writing. Uh-huh, that’s about all I know, unless you’d like to see me write a blog entry about running. Sure, I could bore you with details about barefoot training, the first 5k I ran just last month, or my experimentation with different clothing and equipment, but […]