Food Network[ing]: A Guest Post By Kandie Delley

I’d like to welcome Kandie Delley to the blog today.  Kandie and I met on Twitter and bonded over gluten free recipes.  Living proof of food networking in action! 😀


Okay, okay. I tried (unsuccessfully) to intertwine the Food Network (one of my fave cooking networks) and networking together because really, they both CAN go hand in hand.  Haven’t you ever had Sunday dinner with the fam, a casual business meeting at Chipotle’s or even had your own Iron Chef competition for Thanksgiving potluck?  Well one thing all of these options have in common is that it brought people together by putting food into their ‘stomachs’.

Yepper, FOOD.

I think food (promotions) is much underrated.  I mean, it’s one of the first lesson’s that women learn in ‘how to get a man’ and it’s what corporations use to ‘quell’ the fires in the boardroom before “dropping the axe”.

Heck, there’s even a best-selling book using food as an analogy to get people compliant to the idea of change and growth, (see “Who Moved My Cheese”).  LOL, All jokes aside, I have to ask, why, oh why, are authors passing up on this ingenious, low budget concept to network with other writers and promote their books (beyond book release parties)?

It’s no wonder that I landed on Kait’s website.  Not only is she a fabu writer, but she also has a passion for cooking and sharing recipes, which she shares on her blog, Pots & Plots.  Don’t believe me, try her Potato and Sausage Skillet Recipe or oooh, better yet, try her Gluten-free Focacia Bread Pizza.  Almost close to my Zucchini Bread dish! Hmm good!

There’s something about filling someone’s stomach with succulent meals that makes them ‘eager beavers’ in your court.  The other day I guest blogged about Affinity Groups, but this goes hand-in-hand with networking.  Only this time, instead of using a common interest or topic, you’re hitting them where it’s hard to say no…  their bellies!   Seriously, people, we’re tapping into man’s (woman’s) primal instinct for survival.  Wonder what people will do for some free food?  Shoot, let me break it down for you.

  1. Some foods are natural aphrodisiacs
  2. People are (tired, –yawn—after a full moon, so they are easier to market to)
  3. Smelling a mind-blowing aroma after a hard days work and It’s FREE, I’m first in line.  LOL

But on the real, it’s comfy, cozy and personal.  With all the social media bobbing and weaving, sometimes you have to scale things back and go ol’ school, and connect with people.  Have an intimate setting.  It leaves a lasting impression.

Budget a little tight?  Share some recipes.  You’d be surprise how many undercover Bobby Flays there are in your network.

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Kait has chosen as the freebie/giveaway, my Stay Motivated [pdf] for writers!  You can download a free copy here!


Leave a comment and be entered into a drawing to win a free sample Book Marketing Plan with benchmark and key figures + a book marketing chart to increase your marketing potential.  Just leave a comment on this guest blog post!

 Thanks again for allowing me to visit your blog and have a blessed holiday season!

8 thoughts on “Food Network[ing]: A Guest Post By Kandie Delley

  1. Mmm, food, how can you go wrong? A great post! (I guess that coding isn’t supposed to be in there?). Even Stacey Wallace Benefiel was talking about having cupcakes out at a writers’ event the other day. Great minds think alike!

  2. Thank you!!!! I’m always searching for good gluten free recipes. Sometimes I post them on my blog–but I’m not a cook I’m a follow someone else in the kitchen type person so my recipes are parts of one chef, plus one or two more.

  3. Thanks for having me on your blog Kait. I follow it and have just enjoyed your post and I’m still gonna try that candy corn snack you mentioned the other day. LOL.

    @Deniz–I know right? FOOD, hmmm and it’s really just about sharing and being organic in relationships. It’s soo easy to get caught up on the internet and texting that we don’t really connect beyond technology. Thanks for reading!

  4. Food, it makes me happy. Wish it didn’t, but thanks to a mom who answered every problem with a warm baked good… it is and will probably always be my downfall. If I take time to watch TV, I watch Food Network! My debut novel is even called Depression Cookies (based on a snack my mom gave us as kids).

    Thanks for sharing this post. Such fun! I need to link to those recipes. They sounded wonderful.

  5. Thanks TIA for checking out the post!!! And I already had your website on my feedblitz account. It just seem so interetsting. Glad we could connect on Kait’s blog!

  6. Diana Lesire Brandmeyer , I’ll be contacting you shortly!!! Thanks again to Kait for having me on her blog and to all who read /commented. I really appreciate your time! And Kait! You’re into home improvement too! EGADS! I just finished making a bookshelf from a cut out in my wall. I’ll have to add that to a future blog post! Have a blessed weekend!

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