A Note About Brainstorming

I am in plotty/brainstorming territory as this week draws to an end.  I’ve been keeping up with my daily chunk on the YA WIP, but I’ve also been doing some plotting on a Mirus novella (it does seem to be shaping up to be a novella rather than a short story–I’m so BAD at keeping […]

Combatting The Fluff: My Scene Requirements

I’ve made so many changes in my process while writing this book.  In an attempt to get beyond my innate pantser tendencies and habits of going off into fluffyverse, writing scenes that are the next logical event but that don’t necessarily advance the plot, etc., I have created a set of rules for myself.  The […]

First Draft Act 1 Finished

Well, yesterday I finished Act 1–a very very rough draft.  From what I reviewed last week, I am fairly happy with about 50% of what’s there.  But there are gaping holes, lots of bracketed notes for changing a description here, fill in a bit of dialogue here, a reaction there.  A lot of it is […]