Observations on the Demographics of Publishing

So I’ve always read that romance as a genre accounts for 50% of books published in the industry each year.  It’s not a statistic that surprises me, as that comprises a huge portion of what I read.  It has been interesting to look at my fictionpress stats in that light.  Cadence Creek (which I am contemplating renaming Portrait of Solitude)  has over 430 hits in the last week and a half, and it is a romance. Houses of Cards, which is a mystery and secondarily categorized as a romance.  It has about 112 hits, last time I checked.  Romance is clearly the thing. 

So I opted to plot the other day and I’m about four pages into the next chapter of Houses of Cards.  I’m not exactly stymied, but I’m in the middle of some clunky dialogue, so I’m waiting until I’m more in tune with the conversation to continue.  Tonight I’m going to write the next quiz for my class.  My writing for fun is the reward for doing the work I’m paid to do in a timely manner. 

I had an interview for a promotion yesterday, so with luck I will get that and will be down to a full time job, my teaching, and NO MORE SUBSTITUTE TEACHING!  Which would actually leave me with a bit more time to write.  Not to mention energy.   I’m trying hard to stick to my resolution of a chapter a week, and I am galvanized by the kind words of readers who want to know what happens next!  Enthusiasm by others has helped put the fun back into writing regularly, instead of just when I’m in the mood. 

Off to write my quiz…

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