Return To Civilization

Okay, so we returned last night from our vacation.  I refer you here for the scoop on how that went.  Let’s suffice it to say that I got NOTHING accomplished on any of my WIPs.  Not even plotting.  After spending today playing catch up and “please let what I ate stay down” (it did), I am finally back on schedule with my class, work, and most of the laundry.   If I am lucky, I’ll feel human again tomorrow and can get back to writing.  We’ll see.  I did come home to several excellent critiques from the workshop on the three chapters I have up.  I’ve read through them and replied with a thank you, but I was waiting until I felt better to pay them proper attention.  They’ve been very positive, have some useful nits for misplaced commas and the like, and generally suggest that the pacing is well done–which  makes me happy as that’s something I’ve worked very hard on with my numerous rewrites.  I’m no closer to knowing exactly what I want to do with Chapter Ten’s resolution before the interesting stuff begins to happen.  But I’ll worry about it when my stomach doesn’t feel like it”s going to make a rapid exit through my mouth. 

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