A Bit Of Coolness

Yeah so in the midst of an attack of insomnia I’ve been catching up on all the various professional writing and writer’s blogs that I read on a regular basis.  I happened to peruse the sidebar of one pro blog that my friend


 suggested–Romancing the Blog–and what do you know!  This blog is linked from there!  This is not QUITE as astounding as it might otherwise be (they certainly didn’t seek ME out and find me amidst the unnumbered masses of blog material out there)–I actually filled out a form on their website listing my name and site address.  They then check out the site to make sure that it meets their criteria.  Anyway, apparently this blog passed muster.  Perhaps not earth-shattering news, but something positive on a day that otherwise kinda sucked.  At least I got my words in. 

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