High School Horror

I hate high school.  I loathed it when I was there, and I am despising this return trip I’m taking through my heroine.  She’s currently sitting outside the school, staring at the entrance on her first day much the same way I am staring at my computer screen–with trepidation.  But at only 205 words for the day, I’ve got to go inside.  I’m a bit further behind than planned today due to some online drama that ended at a draw with neither party particularly satisfied, but before it degenerated into a verbal brawl, which is probably best.  It is just further illustration that important information should never be imparted in written communication–there’s all sorts of room for misinterpretation since 95% of communication is actually in body language and tone of voice.  Nuff said. 

This is another one of those teeth pulling days.  I want to skip this entirely and move on with the story, but it’s necessary and unavoidable.  So I will suck it up and get it done.  I need to think about what someone who’s going to a real high school for the first time would notice.  Thoughts?  What do you remember from your first day at high school?  I figure you’d notice size of the school, layout, what the classrooms look like and how they are laid out, where your locker is, how many people there are, teachers, if there are any cute boys/girls in your class, what the cafeteria looks like, where the clock is (because you’re really counting the minutes until you’re released), the sound of the bell…um…what else?

Meanwhile, DH is working on the leak in his transmission…

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