The New Look and Weekly Progress Update

So I have been taking some time this morning to make my blog more interesting and visually appealing, not only to please myself, but just in case more than the, what? 5 or 6 friends on my list actually stumble upon my site.  It’d be nice if someone who happened upon it actually came back!  I found this GREAT template in the premade stuff for those of us who are HTML-challenged, so thanks to whomever created it.  I added a list of the writing related blogs I enjoy reading, and shortly I’m going to see about adding some of my favorite quotes about writing.  My skills in this area are somewhat limited, but if there’s anything you’d perhaps like to see on the site, let me know and I’ll see what I can do!

So my Weekly TOTALS on word count (from April 14th-April 21st, so a week and a day) are as follows:

Totem: 4,863
Houses of Cards: 1,926

Considering my weekly goals are 1,750 words on each, I’m not doing too shabby! 

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