The New New Look and Monday’s Progress So Far

Yeah okay, so I changed the template AGAIN (like I didn’t waste enough time messing with that yesterday?).  But I had a good reason!  The other one, while pretty and very writer-looking didn’t allow for any real customization options for those of us who are HTML-challenged.  And I really wanted to put my progress meters in the sidebar where it can be seen without going to my profile.  I’m currently fighting the urge for a nap.  I don’t dare take one though or I won’t be sleepy tonight when it’s time for bed.  I’ve got to be up early to sub every day the rest of the week and finish my miraculous transformation into a semi-morning person.  Gasp!

I’ve been working on HOC today between cooking, doing mass quantities of dishes (generated by said cooking), doing laundry, and brainstorming with my writer buddy Pot (as in the pot calling the kettle black…I’m Kettle).  It’s kind of slow going, but I’m trying to flesh out the scene I wrote yesterday without bogging it down.   I am, however, determined to get my words in for the day.  I even think I have a notion where I’m going with Totem, but I have to get inside my hero’s head for that, and I want to finish my current HOC scene first.  M has just given C an ultimatum and C doesn”t take those well…

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