Daily Progress Report

HOC: 536
Daily Goal: Met

So I rewrote yesterday’s scene from my hero’s perspective.  Those 536 words are new ones, FYI.  I was surprised and pleased to get my words in today between a trip out of town to purchase stone to build a flower bed and impending company, so yippee!

Totem:  565
Daily Goal: Met

This isn’t exactly words that will go into the actual manuscript, but it’s a character sketch on my hero, whose head I must enter to actually WRITE the next scene.  I don’t know him well yet.  My heroine was much easier (probably because she has a lot of characteristics similar to me).  Pot and I decided that this still counts as writing, just not in the overall word count.  This is the first real work I’ve done on Totem all week.  I’m hoping to break through this little tough spot tomorrow so that I can finish up the scene that comes next, and make my weekly word goal.  We’ll see what happens at work tomorrow during the dead time.  At least I won’t have fidgety, rude, teenagers throwing things at my head to deal with for 8 hours (long story–longer week–short version: subbing stinks).

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