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HOC: 169
Daily Goal: Not Met

I’ve been struggling with my heroine and the trying to humanize her.   Those pitiful few words were sprinkled throughout the previous 100 pages, trying to flesh out a few things.  I’ve made a few decisions:
1) I’m considering rewriting the big reveal scene of her past from Collin’s perspective.  This would give us more of a view of what she looks like as she’s relating all this awful stuff, without my having to come back to it later on.  But at the same time I like having it from her perspective.  I could just put some more stuff in there indicating her emotional struggle to remain calm and in control while she relates this story and her fear that it’s going to drive him away–again.
2) I need to insert another scene prior to the picnic of a party where she’s sort of the only one there without a spouse or significant other, to show how alienated she feels.  And have Collin show up late because he had to do cop stuff (thank you Pot for that suggestion)
3) I am kind of torn on this one.  I’m 150 manuscript pages into the story before I get things really rolling with our serial killer (because I’ve been focusing on the relationship).  But I still feel like I need another scene between C and M after they have this big discussion about his losing control and her need for control and before the first trophy arrives.  Between trophies (since they’re going to have to wait on the US Postal Service to a point) I plan to weave in some more of the stuff of their relationship and how his family reacts to it.  Maybe a family BBQ at his sister’s?   Something to show them sort of in a honeymoon phase of the rekindling of their relationship before the unthinkable happens.  Thoughts?  Pot, I suppose this is mostly for you.

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