Daily Progress Report

HOC: 1877

Daily Goal: Met

Woo!  I got the investigation started, which was one of the major scenes that got relocated and had to be completely rewritten.  Hopefully I’ll wind that scene up in the morning and spend the afternoon knocking out a couple of other investigation related scenes, which sets me up to fill in a few blanks next week, then rollin’ rollin’ rollin’, keep that story rollin’….

One thought on “Daily Progress Report

  1. Congrats on the word count! I caught up on the post you made yesterday and found it really interesting. I know that I probably should have made my way through at least most of a book before I started researching plotting methods – mainly because I get caught up in the planning of a novel. It seems I sometimes use that to avoid the actual writing. But as far as creating characters or methods of writing dialog, the craft books were definitely helpful.

    I think a writer has to take any advice – outline v. don’t outline, read craft books v. don’t read craft books etc – with a heavy grain of salt. I take what helps me and move back to my work in progress. Like I said – great post! And keep going on your word count – sounds like the story’s working out wonderfully!

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