Daily Progress Report

HOC: 1006

Daily Goal: Met

This was the product of a mere hour and a half today, so I was thrilled to be back “on” because what was written was pretty darn good.  (My indication of such being that Pot only found one typo and had no complaints or suggestions).   I’ve got tomorrow’s stuff planned out already, so I’ll hit it hard in the morning.  In the meantime I think hubby and I are going to finish watching a Scrubs rerun and hit the hay.

2 thoughts on “Daily Progress Report

  1. Whoorah for wordcount! I finished mine up about an hour ago and have been vegging out and reading up on the blogs. And I love Scrubs. Greatness.

  2. Withholding comment on Scrubs.

    I never got around to mentioning yesterday that one of the things I was thinking about as I did my errands was that your bad day the other day was not really helped by the fact that every time you sent me something I kept sending it back with some kind of “this is still not right, try again” note.

    You know I don’t have a problem (now that we know each other well) with giving criticism when it’s needed, but I think there should be session limits for that sort of thing. There’s only so much a girl can take and still keep in work mode, right?

    We’ll have to work on that. By the time you gave up, it really was getting there.

    Yesterday’s work was better than just no suggestions or complaints. There were compliments. You did a really good job on it.

    Maybe I should trade you the storage scene I’m not excited about writing today for your lovers’ quarrel.

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