Daily Progress Report

HOC: 967

Daily Goal: Met

Well I’m not quite finished with the interrogation scene (well the interrogation part is over, but there’s a bit more left to write).  I hope to finish tomorrow.  Then I’m not entirely sure what comes next.  Probably some more investigation stuff.  I’m really pleased with how the stuff today came out.  This scene is something that grew out of scene that had to be rewritten and rearranged in the timeline back when I did all that storyboarding and I think it’s really going to add something to the piece (which is the point, of course, for every scene!).  I was hoping to have gotten through all the changes and caught back up to where I was in the storyline before the storyboarding by…yeah yesterday.  I’m not going to push it that hard now.  It will get done.  I’m writing solid scenes that are going to build the suspense better than what I had before.  I will eventually catch up in a couple of weeks.  In the meantime, I’m going to go enjoy some puppy cuddles.

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