Daily Progress Report

That would more properly be Daily Lack of Progress Report.  Not a word today.  I could make excuses.  For example, I overslept for one.  I meant to get up at seven and evidently set my clock for PM instead of AM.  So woke up at 8:15 needing to be at work at 9.  So there was much frantic rushing, so no writing before work.  Got home around 2:30, was making some notes, then hubby got home and we decided to go see Transformers again (love that movie).  When we got out we each had messages on our phones, had to return those calls, then got home to find messages from both sets of parents and had to call them all back.  Then I started supper, then I had to run across the street to borrow some foil, and our neighbor popped over.  And then some other friends stopped by.  And so by the time all that was over it was after nine and….yeah I just have no motivation.  Pot and I discussed what needs to be done in this scene so I think I’ll be ready to start in the morning fresh.  We’ll see how that goes.  I guess today was just a Mental Health Day.

2 thoughts on “Daily Progress Report

  1. While it sounds like you had a rough morning, at least Transformers and dinner sounded like they went well. 🙂 And maybe something you saw or heard during your Mental Health Day will inspire some ideas!

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