Blurb File Friday and Debate

Wow, clearly the way to get traffic to your otherwise not so well-known blog is to post about something controversial.  I had 108 views yesterday!  New all time high (previously it was 76).  I had no idea that my post about the Simplified Spelling Society would cause such a debate!  It is a topic about which many people on both sides feel very strongly.  Thankfully, so far everyone has been pretty respectful, so yay for that.  I don’t want this to degenerate into a mud slinging match with anybody declaring anybody else is a moron for disagreeing with someone else’s opinion (have seen that happen on other topics elsewhere…it isn’t pretty).

Anyway, I am totally snowed at work today, so no Blurb.  Will see the Snippet crowd again next week!

One thought on “Blurb File Friday and Debate

  1. As you say, it’s good that it’s been a respectful discussion. It’s one I’ve had a lot in various forms – ‘anything goes as long as it can be understood’ Vs. ‘Things should be done properly’.

    Despite what I was arguing yesterday I can see the good points on both sides and have argued for both sides before – I’m more of a sword-for-hire than a partisan on this issue.

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