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Til Death: 1015

Daily Goal: Met

Today’s work was not outstanding.  In fact, it may all get cut at a later date.  When I am pressed for either what happens next or figuring out a scene I’m not sure about, I have a tendency to do a lot of what Pot and I refer to as “And then….and then…” writing.  I will literally go through what happens next chronologically, even though it doesn’t always add to the story.  There’s a LOT of this kind of thing that gets cut during edits.  But Heidi can bite me today.  I’ve had a very very long day and did good to get words in at all.  My father in law was in a motorcycle wreck.  Broke his collarbone, but he’s otherwise okay.  Still, my attention span has been kinda shot.  So I am off to read.

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