My Happy Place

I’m in Fort Worth with my husband visiting friends and went to Half-Price Books today. This is a list of my booty:

The Singing of the Dead by Dana Stabenow

A Thief In A Kilt by Sandy Blair

Charming The Highlander by Janet Chapman

The Breathtaker by Alice Blanchard

Baby Don’t Go by Susan Anderson

A Garden In The Rain by Lynn Kurland

Undercover in High Heels by Gemma Halliday

The Scot, the Witch, and the Wardrobe by Annette Blair

Oh the excitement!

We also made a run to World Market which was what I was excited about on the front end of the trip. I bought replacement jars for my entire spice set, thyme, Italian seasoning, 2 packs of poppy seeds (as I want to make lemon poppyseed scones), and 2 packs of porcini mushrooms. I picked up 2 sets of matchstick blinds for my kitchen and bathroom for only $10 apiece! I also found a cute little stuffed frog as a get well gift for my MIL (who loves frogs–hence the tree frog pumpkin for Halloween), so I had a good haul overall. I am very very pleased.

Yeah okay so there was a round 2.  There was another Half Price Books by the restaurant where we had dinner.  So I also picked up:

Dangerous by Nora Roberts

Suspicious by Nora Roberts

Blood Will Tell by Dana Stabenow

Kiss of Darkness by Heather Graham

3 thoughts on “My Happy Place

  1. Fort Worth is a happy place. 🙂 Glad you’re enjoying it – and it sounds like you came away with a king’s ransom of good books. Have a safe trip!

  2. That’s quite the haul. Half Price books is one of my very happy places. 🙂 Love the Susan Anderson book you picked up. And the Gemma Halliday book is pretty good as well. Anywhere that has a book store is definitely a happy place.

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