Finding An Expert

Well as you all know, I’m always on the lookout for places where I can ask questions as research for my books.  In the past I’ve used Crimespace, Crime Research, assorted professional forums, straight email to various folks in the organization I had questions about–all with varying success.  Well yesterday I stumbled across a great website All Experts–more specifically the Law Enforcement section.   They don’t currently have any FBI experts signed up (sadly, I am still on a hunt for someone to answer those questions), but there are a great many other LEOs to whom you can pose a question about…well, anything it looks like.  I was trying to figure out exactly how long it would take Collin to become a detective given his military experience.  A big thanks to Commander Chris Wagoner, who took the time to answer me!  Anyway, the site itself seems to have sections for all sorts of stuff–so I would think it could be an excellent resource to ask about those things you don’t know–for example if your hero is an archaeologist, they have a section where you can pose questions to archaeologists to say “Hey how does blah work?”  In any event, I’m adding the link to my Research section on my sidebar for anyone who is interested.

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