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After a hideous day at the day job (and I officially go insane starting today until July 10th–you may all be forewarned), I came home, had a cider and some fantastic pizza from Dave’s Dark Horse Tavern (best NY style pizza in town), and proceeded to write.  Hubby fell asleep ridiculously early and I totally took advantage of the quiet.  It was soothing to be able to lose myself in a story after the frenetic pace of the day.  I’m finally sort of getting a feel for Tate, and I think she’s going to be fun to write.  I’m leaving off just before she meets Wyatt’s friend Spence (the lead detective on the homicide investigation our heroine is involved in), who I have in mind for her in a later book.  Tomorrow perhaps I’ll make up my mind what sort of impression she’s going to have of him initially.  I don’t know if they will start out as one of those antagonistic matches or something else.  We shall see.  In the meantime, I’m hitting the hay.

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