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I didn’t finish the love scene.  It’s a sign that I’ve been working on it too long when the majority of my sentences today looked like “…she thought again, [and she has some emotional reaction to this but what? Is she moved? Humbled? Pleased? Content? What?]”  Due to my rising frustration level, Pot suggested I redline it and move on.  That was kind of slow too, but I finally decided to add another character’s perspective–the heroine’s best friend Tate, who was always a part of the story, but I hadn’t originally thought to give a POV.  So Pot kindly helped me work through some of the details of what I want to come next, and in fifteen or twenty minutes got more on that section than I’d gotten ALL day on the last portion of the love scene.  I’m just thankful to be moving forward again.  I want banter!  I want murder investigations!  None of this icky love stuff! (Truthfully I adore the icky love stuff, so long as I’m not the one who has to write it).  It makes me fussy.

In other news, hell froze over today.  The dishes got done tonight, on the night they were dirtied, and I only had to remind my spouse twice.  It is telling that half of my mental envisioning of my love scene last night involved imagining my hero doing dishes in the nude…  (and no I totally didn’t actually USE that–I was trying to get myself back in the proper frame of mind…)  Probably why I am so amused by this.  So true.  Men who do chores without being asked are hot.

2 thoughts on “Daily Progress Report

  1. Hehe, I’m with you on the icky love stuff! Though I do want to be able to write it well. Hmmm. Maybe we just need to do more research? 😉

  2. Snort–that also tends to be one of the reasons these things drag on so long. There’s a lot of “Hey honey…” involved…

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