Bookstore Booty

Well I took 32 books to the used book store to trade today.  They took 28.  I came home with 17 new books, 3 of which were gifts for someone else.  For ME, the name of the game was paranormal, werewolves in particular.  I’m trying several new authors, so we’ll see how it goes.  I got:

It’s really probably wrong of me to have bought all of these when I know perfectly well I’m going to have to focus on my lectures come Monday, but I couldn’t resist.

And as I’ve been sitting here looking up the Amazon links to all of these books, I have to say that one of mymajor book pet peeves is the fact that it seems the majority of publishers don’t put either the listing and proper order of a series anywhere in the inner pages or put the number that particular book is somewhere on the cover.  For heaven’s sake DON’T just say “A [fill in the blank] novel”.  Say “Book #, A [fill in the blank] novel”.  Throw a reader a bone here!  I picked up what I thought was the first book in Lynsay Sands series.  It turned out to be book 8.  I was trying to pick up the beginnings of several series.  A few I was lucky enough to guess right based on publication dates and such, but I’ve got several that aren’t the first.  I sincerely hope that those aren’t the sorts of series that require reading in order–you know the kind where each book is a different character but the same sort of world.  That’s the kind I’ll be writing.

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