WOOT! Replacement Global Knife

It’s probably good no one is home when I’m home at lunch because I was just doing some serious happy dance boogying.  My fabulous and wonderful Global vegetable cleaver that broke had a nifty lifetime warranty.  I submitted my claim and the replacement arrived today.  I swear the last three weeks using other knives have been awful.  I’d forgotten how much my other knives suck.  It’s a miracle I didn’t slice something off with them.

This is why really really good knives are worth the price.  (This knife retails for around $70)  The lifetime warranty.  And for a knife I use absolutely EVERY SINGLE DAY, it’s been aboslutely worth it.  I really ought to get rid of most of the others.  Maybe in the next garage sale.  I might earn enough to buy the Global paring knife…

If I’m ever rich, I’m totally investing in the 9 piece set.  More than likely I’ll wind up with the more conservative 5 piece, which has plenty of slots for later additions and room for my current vegetable knife.

Hey, a girl can dream.

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