Love Conquers All

I have been a reading fiend this week.  It’s been awesome.  Of course it helps that I’ve had some really great books in my TBR pile.  I started reading Larissa Ione’s Passion Unleashed at breakfast yesterday and wound up blowing my hubby off last night (after we watched The Lake House, which is one of my favorites), staying up til nearly 2 to finish it.  If you weren’t already ware, this book (the series really) is made of awesome.  Highly recommend.  I’m not sure what it is about me–probably my background in clinical psych–but in series like this, I always wind up liking the ones about the emotionally damaged heroes (nevermind the fact that it doesn’t work that way in real life–I love reading about the healing power of love)–Wraith from this book, Zadist from Lover Awakened–I haven’t had enough caffeine yet to remember any others yet.

I think there’s a part of all of us that finds that trope appealing.  Well most of us.  I have one friend who would absolutely get hung up on that not being how it is in real life and not be able to lose herself in the book because of it.  She’s not as much of a sap as I am and not nearly as willing to suspend disbelief and constitute poetic faith.  To each her own.  But I’d wager that most romance readers really enjoy the idea that love really does conquer all.  The happily ever after is implied.  And sure, maybe after they get married and have kids there are fights about bills or diapers or whatever, but we don’t want to think about that because, hey, that’s our life right?  Reading is for escape.

In any event, I have really enjoyed getting back into reading more regularly, and I feel like it’s really helped me get back into writing as well after my uberplotting stint.  I’m definitely not one of those writers who can’t or doesn’t read (deliberately anyway) while I’m working on a WIP.  I need the constant stimulation to my muse.

Next up, Shadow Touch by Marjorie M. Liu–and HOPEFULLY the first of the Darkyn novels will arrive early next week.

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