Out of Town Adventures

So I left yesterday to come down to Vicksburg for our annual training conference.  The conference itself doesn’t start until today, so I stopped off in Jackson for a shopping trip with one of my best friends from college.  I hit up FOUR bookstores (3 used, 1 new) and wound up with a massive stack of books, including a few I’ve been looking for for a year (I know, I know, I could buy them online but this helps curb my book buying habit somewhat).  I’ll make a post of my booty when I get home.  Also attempted some clothes shopping and wound up with 1 shirt.  This says a lot about my priorities, I suppose. Anyway, had a late dinner at Sal and Moochies, which was fabulous, then headed on to Vicksburg.  I got in at 11 last night, parked beneath the awning, went to check in.  Then I came back out to move my car to a parking spot.

It wouldn’t crank.

Okay, so I figured that the low battery in my key fob (I have a 2007 Nissan Altima with the push button start) had finally pooped out, so I shoved it in the thing in the dash, which was supposed to make it work.  Nada.  It is now 11:15, and I’m tired and cranky.

So I go in and explain to the very kind front desk lady that my car won’t start and is it okay if I wait until morning to get it dealt with.  She was very good about it.  So I went upstairs, chatted with hubby, and crashed.  Didn’t sleep well because I couldn’t find the blackout curtains (found them this morning, thankfully).

So I got up before 7 this morning, walked to the gas station next door to see if they happened to have batteries for car remotes (of course they didn’t), tried the car again.  Still nothing.

Then I called the dealership.  Got voicemail.  Left message, trying to restrain the annoyance that was straining at the bit (I was uncaffeinated at this point) to be let loose on SOMEONE, then went to make tea.

Tea makes all things better.  I feel compelled to point this out.

So I called the dearlership back and got a nice actual human being who told me I needed to get the car towed to the dealership (a whole three miles away).  Thankfully, when I bought my car, I bought the fancy schmancy extended warranty that has roadside assistance.  So I got my tow squared away, free up to $100.  The nice gentleman towed me to the dealership, gave me a ride, and I sat just long enough to tell the other nice guy in the waiting room about my problem and have a discussion that it is a serious design flaw that there is no where to insert a REAL KEY to start the car if the button thing doesn’t work, then the tech guy came and said I was all done.


Apparently I had a faulty brake sensor, so it didn’t register I was actually pressing down on the brake and wouldn’t start the car.  Not the key fob after all.  Everything, tow included, was covered under warranty.  Yay.

So I am actually at the conference center, where I am supposed to be, on time, with only a PITA and lack of sleep.  I can totally live with that.

Man, I can’t wait to go home.

3 thoughts on “Out of Town Adventures

  1. “I hit up FOUR bookstores (3 used, 1 new) and wound up with a massive stack of books…Also attempted some clothes shopping and wound up with 1 shirt. This says a lot about my priorities, I suppose.

    Tea makes all things better.”

    Were we separated at birth? LOL

    I concur Tea, Books, Clothes…though I would probably place Scrapbook supplies before clothes but I guess you have to wear something, LOL

    1. Ha! Well I DID find 2 of the books you suggested–the Nightkeepers book and Marked By Moonlight. I’ve got a bunch of others. But they’re in my trunk. I’ll do an accounting of them when I get home from this conference.

      Not so much into the scrapbooking. More into photography.

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