Two Scenes Left

After some discussion with Pot, we have decided that even though I have scene expansions and new scenes I have plan to insert earlier in the book, those belong in revisions.  So with that in mind, I have only two scenes left until this first draft is finished.  EEP!  It also means that I’m going to come in under 70k for this rough draft, which is considerably shorter than I was expecting.  But I have a number of scenes that need expanding or fleshing out, and I still think I’m going to wind up with a final draft around 80-85k after doing all the things that need going.  But I’ll worry about that later.

I have two scenes left.  Just TWO!  In addition to my daily writing schedule this week, I’ll have Thursday night free while hubby is at band practice (with a break for Vampire Diaries), and most of Saturday free, as he’ll be gone all day on a motorcycle ride.  If I haven’t knocked it out by Saturday, I think I will declare it another marathon day until I am.  Because holy crap, I haven’t been this close to finishing a book in…2 years?  Last book I finished was in September of 2007, so yeah.  Exactly 2 years ago.

So despite the new scenes I want to write and insert, despite the scene expansions I want to do, despite all those scenes I pushed through on bad days and have to take from telling to showing–I am excited!  It’s coming together!  Squeee!

5 thoughts on “Two Scenes Left

  1. Hi Kait, interesting reading here. Real life, I’m suprised you are not busted for posting this on the internet. All that energy all those words, you could be down to one last scene by now. Don’t let people get to you epecially one’s who have power over you. I really enjoy messing with people’s minds in an indirect way. I would approach your boss like I would with a street fight. Most guys want you to get mad, cuss,start pushing, throw a couple and circle. That way they test each other out. What I like to do is just stand there, show no emotion, don’t move. It really messes with their head, they don’t know what to do with you becuase they have no measure of what you can do. The unknown is the scariest. Aren’t you in a mind bender department? Oh this works good with a boss that belittles you too, always make them say your name twice, act like they are not there, it drives them crazy!

    I have a whole bag full of this.

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