Sick Day

I’m home for my second sick day today.  Hubby is home as well, so we’re doing the fuzzy headed, TV marathon thing.  The good news is that we don’t have the flu.  We’d have had fever spikes and aches by now.  We’ve been running low grade fevers and generally feeling exhausted.  I did take advantage of some quiet time yesterday to start filling in the changes to the novella.  If I can kick my brain into gear later today, I’ll make some more.

I managed to burn the split pea soup I was trying to make yesterday, so today I’m determined I’m going to eat well for a sick person.  I put on a chicken to roast when I woke up after a twelve hour sleep this morning and I’m going to make up a fresh batch of chicken stock, and either some chicken noodle soup or some 44 clove garlic soup,  which I might as well add some chicken to.  It’s like the ultimae sick food.  Garlic is a natural antibiotic and there’s something in chicken noodle soup that’s good for colds, so between the two it ought to knock out whatever the heck I’ve got.

I’m going back to being a couch jockey.

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