I’ve Changed My Mind

I love winter.  I like snow.  I find all the contrasts of the denuded trees against the sky and the sparkle of ice (so long as it isn’t on the road) beautiful.   I’ve said my entire life that I wanted to live somewhere that winter lasted longer than it does here.  At present we’re having a freak really cold snap of temps constantly below freezing, mostly below 25 this week and it’s probably as cold as it will get all winter.  It’ll be back into the 30s and 40s next week and I fully expect maybe one more cold snap before we start heading toward spring at the end of February.  And that always depresses me because I love my winter clothes.

But I have changed my mind.  I don’t want to live somewhere where it’s like this all the time–at least not while I have this particular pair of dogs.  Oh.  My.  God have they been brats this week.  Since they’ve been stuck inside (Callie could handle the cold just fine, but Daisy would freeze) all week due to the cold, they’ve been total pills.  Restless, needy, cranky, and keep going to the treat bucket EVERY FIVE MINUTES.  No, girls, we don’t get a treat for being annoying and repeated attempts are not helping your case.  Not to mention that on Day 3 Callie ate my new bedroom slippers.  I knew better.  I KNEW that two days inside without being penned is her limit.  Ugh!  I just want it to warm up to the 30s.  That means I can shove them out in the yard for some much needed OUTSIDE TIME, and I can get some peace and quiet!  [Which is, incidentally, why I consider dogs superior to kids.  You can’t just shove the kids outside when they annoy you. 🙂 ]

Hubby is trying to flip his body clock, as his graveyard shift schedule begins on Monday.  He only made it until 1:30 last night before falling asleep on the sofa.  Considering he’s going to have to be awake and functioning from 11-7 am, this is not an auspicious beginning.  Poor guy.  It’s going to kick his ass this first month, so I’m preparing myself for some cranky.

In other hubby related news, he entered a song he wrote in an online contest about three weeks ago.  Out of 1,700 entries, he won 2nd place!  I’m so proud of him.  🙂  So we have a Michael Kelley hybrid guitar in spalted maple, a Crafter 12 string acoustic/electric, and a Berhinger acoustic amp on their way to our house as a result.  I believe we’ll be picking up another couple of Hercules guitar hangers to make sure they live not in the floor. I think this brings the total guitars in our house up to nine.  And a piano and a violin and a flute.  Two of the guitars, the violin, and the flute are mine.  Once upon a time, before I met my very talented spouse, I played guitar.  The flute was my grandfather’s (he was uber talented too), but I don’t play.  It’s more sentimental value.  And the violin I picked up shortly after we got married with aspirations of learning to play, but I have yet to find someone in town who can teach me.  Not that I’ve tried very hard, as I don’t have all that much free time for such things just now.  And of course there was the saga of how we acquired the piano.  Which we still haven’t gotten tuned.  MUST remember to call the guy now that that room is clear.

Anyway, I’ve made it through my first pot of tea and haven’t budged my headache, so I’m off to make a second pot and write something while it’s still quiet.

4 thoughts on “I’ve Changed My Mind

  1. Hopefully we are taking a weekend trip to Montana this year, to check things out. I’m thinking early July, but he says I have to take a second trip in the dead of winter. He thinks this will change my mind. lol

  2. Well, it’s not like that year round. Depending on where you live. I’m learning a lot from @Kidell and @Susan_Adrian. There are also places where the snow is not year round. I don’t want to move to a place where ice is a constant problem. Other than that, I am craving those mountains!

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