I Can Haz Cover Art!

My final cover art for Forsaken By Shadow came in this morning and I am ECSTATIC.  My very talented artist Brenna can be found here at Deviantart (she is still finishing her website).  She’s a soon to be grad from the Memphis School of Arts, and clearly she’s got a bright future ahead of her.  She totally totally nailed how my heroine looks.

I made it my laptop wallpaper so I can stare at the pretty and giggle like a teenager in puppy love.  Of course now begins the shift of all promo stuff, avatars, twitter backgrounds, blog header, etc.

I’ll be doing the final PDF layout over the weekend and applying for copyright! (which somehow makes it all more real), which you can now do online here for $35.  Yay for modern technology.  It is conceivable (depending on how the grading of the heinous research papers goes this weekend), that I will have this up for sale at Scribd by MONDAY.  Eep!

After that I’ll move on to doing the Smashwords formatting (which will go on to Barnes and Noble and Sony and a few other places I can’t remember).  Then I’ll tackle formatting for Kindle (which I view as the most time consuming, so it’ll happen last).

It is my hope that I’ll have all 3 versions finished and submitted by the end of this month.  Then I plan to spend April organizing a blog tour for the month of May (because, frankly, I need a month to prepare).  It’s coming!

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