It is fitting that this weekend is Easter and all about resurrection–in a good way, not a creepy zombie that wants to eat your brains kind of way.  Which reminds me, I think it’s time to harvest the garden zombie I planted the other day…  Yes, I have a shameful addiction to Zombie Farm.  Don’t judge me.

While working on some plot stuff for Revelation yesterday afternoon, I came up with an idea for this novella that is going to have huge ramifications to the metaplot for the entire series.  It will direct the way the rest of the books go.  That in itself is thrilling because it gives me a much clearer framework that I can follow as I move forward (and hopefully will give me a better idea how many actual books will be in the series).  But that’s not the best part.

The BEST part is that I figured out how I can re-use Conall and Marley (the hero and heroine from the now defunct Hunted in Shadow) and a little bit of the original story set up.  So for those awesome folks who read the really awful first draft and loved the characters, they’re coming back in a new and improved book that actually FITS with the rest of my series!  It won’t be soon, as there are about a million details still to hammer out, and I’ve got Revelation and another novella from the Sooper Seekrit Project in the pipeline before it, but this allows me to take some of the major details that weren’t going to work from the original version and make them into something that will work now.  I can’t tell you how excited I am about that!

In other news, I’ve made a couple more sales.  One on Scribd, one on Smashwords (bringing the total to 14).  And more folks have downloaded the sample on Smashwords.  I hope the folks purchasing from these sources will like it and take a moment to review it there.  Unlike Amazon, you have to actually purchase something to rate it at Scribd or Smashwords.

The sweet New2WritingGirl posted this review of FBS on her blog.  Thanks!

And Sherri Meyer also gave a very flattering review of FBS on her blog.  Thank you Sherri!

The blog tour is coming together slowly but surely.  So far I have 18 stops set up, a mixture of interviews and guest blog posts.  If I haven’t talked to you already and you would be willing to be a stop on the tour, please let me know!  I’d be honored to stop by.

This morning I got brave enough to submit FBS to a review site.  They have not actually launched yet but will be doing so in a few weeks.  This was a calculated move on my part.  If they are new, they won’t have a lot of traffic yet, so they will be a good litmus test as to whether someone who DOESN’T know me actually likes the book.  If they like it, I might get brave enough to offer FBS up to more well known reviewers.  If they hate it, well, without a lot of traffic, not too many people will see it!

Thanks to all of you for your support!

2 thoughts on “Resurrection

  1. You’re welcome! Now hurry up with the next one…I might go into withdrawals, LOL

    I hope the linkage helps you…I noticed a couple visits linked over to Scribd and Smashwords from the blog.

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