In Search of Academic Voice…

It’s a late post today because, frankly, I just forgot to post.  I was off work today, which meant getting to sleep slightly in, working out, then ensconcing myself at the office to work on lectures for my new Learning and Behavior class.  I had high hopes of getting 2 written and just barely got finished with 1.

Lecture writing, as it turns out, has its own form of page fright.  Or slight fright.  Actually I have slides.  That’s part of why I chose this text–because the publisher provided powerpoints I could use as a base.  But because I record them for my online classes, I have to write out a script–me and the extemporaneous speaking do not get along.  Unlike every OTHER class I teach, I’m actually going to be lecturing along with the book, so I thought it would be easier.  No, not so much.  But that’s okay.  I have hopes that it will get easier.

The hard part is going to be shifting back and forth between writing the class and working on my fiction.  The good news is that I should have the whole thing written by the time class starts in mid August, so hopefully the juggle will only be for about 5 weeks.  Of course, if I wind up getting the full time instructor position, that’ll be a whole other kettle of fish and the rest of my year will be a juggle.  But I’m not going to worry about that unless I get the job.  Now that July has started and we’re entering the new fiscal year, I expect to be hearing about interviews soon.  The decision ought to be made by the end of the month anyway.

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