Nobody Can Say I Fear Commitment

Anybody who’s been following me for a while is aware that I’ve had commitment issues on assorted projects for the last two years.  I finished a first draft of Hunted in Shadow.  Then I buried it because it had too many problems.  I moved on and wrote Forsaken By Shadow, which went smoothly (obviously, since it’s now available to readers).  This year I’ve flopped all over the place, working on two different versions of Revelation, then realizing that Edge of Shadow comes first. And now working on a freebie that…well, frankly, I’m not sure where it fits in the timeline.  Nothing in it REALLY has any bearing on the master plot of the series, so it’s kind of standalone.  Oh, and courtesy of Maria Zannini, that finally has a title.  Devil’s Eye. Thank you Maria, you rock.

Anyway, flopping around aside, yesterday I broke up with my original cover artist.  It was mutual, really.  She wants to be a vet.  Was totally amicable and we’re moving on with our lives.  And I moved on to Robin Ludwig of Robin Ludwig Designs, who is made of absolute awesomesauce.  She did both Pot and Zoe’s covers, which are equally fabu.  I went to her with a totally incoherent description of this story and she came back with a fabuloso idea for the cover for Devil’s Eye (which had no title when I contacted her).  So I already put down my down-payment on the cover.  Of a story I’m only on the second scene of.   If that’s not enough to make me both committed and excited to get to the end, I don’t know what is.  So my new shiny cover will be the carrot that makes me haul booty on this story this month.

She’s also going to work on a new blog header design for me, which I’m also really excited about.  I’ve been wanting a new look to go along with my Mirus series and just haven’t really known what to do with it myself.  Time to recruit the professionals!

2 thoughts on “Nobody Can Say I Fear Commitment

  1. I did that with my newest serial draft – 1st in next year’s self-pub series. I had my cover artist work up an image right after the first chapter was done. I have to say – having great cover art has really been motivating me to work on the story whenever I can, because it already “feels” like a real book. 🙂

    Hope it works the same for you!

    1. I’m REALLY excited. Once I get the new cover I’ll be putting it up everywhere to keep my brain on the story. Which is going pretty well–I’m just starting to get to know my heroine.

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