Sunday Summary

  1. I am up at my mother’s this weekend.  Her house was burglarized on Friday. She’s fine. They got the TVs, her laptop, and a collection of coins.  The dog was fine and didn’t get hurt or escape (she was in the kitchen where they broke the door to get in).  We’ve gotten everything cleaned up and as much order restored as possible, and I get to go home today.  Thank God.  I miss real food (my mother’s pantry and fridge makes my foodie heart weep, and I really wonder sometimes if I was adopted).
  2. I’ve just received the first audio files for the audio version of Forsaken By Shadow. I am SUPER EXCITED, and am hoping I packed my Zune transfer cable so I can listen to them on the way home.
  3. I might actually start the writing of Red tomorrow. I’m really excited by THAT too.  I’ve got a full outline of scenes that’s Pot approved, and I’ve filled out scene questionnaires for the first 2 chapters (which should get me through next week if I really get going).
  4. I finished The Demon’s Covenant, Shadow Hills, and The Lightning Thief this week. This is what happens when you read multiple things at once.  You finish a lot at once too and end up looking like you’re a reading fiend. I enjoyed them all, particularly The Demon’s Covenant (well done, Sarah! Jamie makes me feel like you’re in the room with me).
  5. I started Clockwork Angel, which is awesome as all Cassie Clare’s stuff is. I heart the Shadowhunter world.
  6. Wicked L’il Pixie gave me this fantastic review of Forsaken By Shadow. Thank you Natasha!
  7. Yesterday’s post apparently sparked off some Us vs. Them feelings. This was not my intent.  There will, inevitably, always be some of this mentality in publishing, just as there is in all walks of life.  It is part of human nature.  My objection was in inaccurate use of terminology, which I class the same way as inaccurate use of commas (Oxford commas should be mandatory, people!).  But if anyone has gotten the impression that I am somehow against traditional publishing or anyone choosing to go that route, you misunderstand me.  My objections are in how much of traditional publishing operates and treats their authors (without whom they would have no product).  I, in NO WAY, have a problem with authors who choose this route.  I think it’s an incredibly hard road to travel, with a great deal of frustration and disappointment.  Traditionally published authors (and aspiring ones) work INCREDIBLY hard–just as hard, if not harder, than indies.  Because they have more people to please and may wind up rewriting large chunks or entire versions of their books–possibly more than once–to make editors or agents happy.  They are not lazy or stupid.  They just work hard in different ways from indies.  I chose to go indie because I am more likely to be able to make a legitimate living this way. That doesn’t mean it’s the path that’s right for everyone, so I hope no one has taken offense.

4 thoughts on “Sunday Summary

  1. That’s so horrible about your mother! I know she’s very upset. 🙁

    That’s so cool about FBS being in audio. Who’s reading it?

    Hey, if you keep posting like you did on your last one, you might start getting into blog arguments like Zoe does! Hee hee. (Just messing with you.)

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