Sunday Summary

  1. We are home after a very long week away, first at my mother’s following the break-in, then a week of house/dog sitting for my in laws while they were on a cruise.  Be it every so tiny, there’s no place like home. I cannot express to you how awesome it was to sleep in my own bed.
  2. Today is all about  catching up on laundry and chores. I’ve already mowed.  Need to vacuum and clean and finish setting the house to rights.  I want to get some new plants for the hanging baskets and front pots.  It’s time to shift over to mums.
  3. I spent yesterday hanging out with the fabulous Melissa Francis. She was down in Oxford for a signing at Square Books for her new book Love Sucks, sequel to Bite Me. Buy it, read it, love it.  Nuff said.  I went up to my old alma mater and we had Greek and went groving.  Groving is sort of like a cross between tailgating and the huge, catered to-dos you see for the Kentucky Derby.  Nobody does it like the Rebels.  Even when they lose.  Which was ugly.  The Dogs lost to LSU last night too.  Bad weekend for Mississippi football.
  4. Red is going well, but slowly.  The slow is more a result of having been crazy busy the last week rather than uninspired.  It keeps surprising me–in good ways rather than the oh crap now I have to change everything variety.  I’m really excited about this book.
  5. I got this lovely review of Forsaken By Shadow from 25 Hour Books. She’s interviewing me later this week.  I’ll link when it’s up.
  6. As a note of caution, never ever accidentally stick your SD card into the slot loading DVD drive of your laptop. Hubby did this last night, which resulted in very alarming, total disassembly of his laptop.  Frankly I wonder if he got such a kick out of my look of abject horror that he took apart more than was necessary.  We saved the SD drive and the laptop is reassembled and working again.
  7. And on a final positive note, I got a promotion/position change at work that comes with a nice raise in salary. I’m still working for my same boss, but at least I’m getting paid better!  That starts October 1st.

3 thoughts on “Sunday Summary

  1. Glad you got home safely! Congrats on the raise in salary with your job! Gosh, I wish that would happen for me with my day job. Unfortunately, it’s a bit difficult to get raises as a massage therapist. We live on tips. XD

    ~K. Piet

  2. Official congrats on the promotion and raise which you so richly deserve, only moreso.
    A very nice review, and well-deserved.
    I remember buying our very first PC in the mid-nineties, which we so could not afford. And then, a few weeks later, coming home and finding it in about a million pieces on the kitchen counter, with my husband unable to figure out why I thought this was a big deal. Boys.

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